Mauritius Tandem Skydiving – Experience skydiving in Mauritius: A Skydiving Adrenaline Pumping Adventure at its absolute best! You will get to experience a 10,000ft skydive in Mauritius paradise island.

Details Rate
Activity Price Rs 13000 per person
Price with DVD movie Rs 4000
Price movie+picture Rs 5500

When reaching 10,000 feet, the aircraft door will open, and you will get to tandem skydive Harnessed to an experienced qualified Instructor.

Then, in the open air you will experience flying – free falling for about a minute reaching a speed of 200 Km/hour, before the instructor will open the canopy and you will get to slide down in air for about 5 minutes, seeing the beautiful surrounding on your way down until the safe landing.

The take off is done from the magnificent Sugar Fields of Mon Loisir, with views of Mauritius’s stunning lagoons and reefs stretching far into the Indian Ocean. This is your once in a life time chance to fly over the top of one of the most spectacular island paradise’s in the World.

The total duration of the skydive excursion is of about 1 hour, including ground training, 25 minutes flight to 10,000 feet, free fall and parachute flight.

After the jump you will receive a tandem skydive certificate, so you can remember this great experience for many years to come. Also, for a small additional cost you will receive a DVD recording of your skydive.

The transfer is not included in the price of the activities:
The transfer price is Rs2000 per taxi.

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